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The Bearden Law Firm is intense and focused with an aim to keep their clients informed and involved by providing detailed information on family law, consumer law, criminal law, and other such topics. In that vain, this page leads you to various summaries and topics which you can read on-line.
The outlines provided herein give clients a general understanding of the processes and issues that may be involved in the clients case. These outlines may not be up to date and the outlines are far from comprehensive. They are not a substitute for legal advice and are not intended to assist in the prosecution of any case. They are offered solely as information to make the litigation process more decipherable to the client. They are not intended and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.

Adoption Law - A Short Summary
Texas Family Law Outline - A Short Summary
Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
Pre divorce Document Checklist
The Texas Family Code (Part 1)
The Texas Family Code (Part 2)
Texas Oil and Gas Property Rights
Texas Wills Outlined



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Law Summaries
Monday, August 03, 2015
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